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Izzy & Lola

Winter Birch Dough Bowl Candle

Winter Birch Dough Bowl Candle

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This hand-carved, hand-poured wooden dough bowl candle will keep you company during the holiday season and through the long, cozy winter. Fragrance is Winter Birch - a splendid mix of evergreens, eucalyptus, mint, and tonka bean.

The Spanish Oak bowl is reusable after wick has burned down. Gently remove the metal wick base with the edge of a spoon or butter knife, and then wash gently with warm, soapy water. Once dried, your trencher can hold any treasures of your choosing. Not food safe.

Features a distressed, solid finish that is perfect in any rustic-inspired aesthetic.   It is both durable and stylish. Please understand these are wooden bowls made to look rustic from raw wood. Some may have knot holes, scratches, knife marks, saw blade marks, sap or minor cracks and blemishes. These are not defects. These are a natural part of the bowl that have been made from raw wood. Size, color and shape will vary. We do try to minimize these for each bowl. However, we cannot guarantee your bowl will not have any of these character marks. Each bowl is unique and difference in size. Average bowl size is 10"x6"x3"

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